Mission Statement

With an emphasis on concrete related products, Atlas Construction Supply Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier supportive to General Contractors, Concrete Sub-Contractors, Rebar Installers, Precasters, Repair Contractors and other contractors of various disciplines.

  • Manufacturer of AL-SPEED® Aluminum Shoring System and Forming Systems for Concrete Construction... Design, Sales & Rentals. Producer of Atlas Tech Concrete Construction Chemicals & Restoration Products...Sales. Supplier of Concrete Accessories, Specialty Forming Boards, Rebar Supports, Tilt-up & Precast Accessories...Design, Sales & Rentals.

We, at Atlas Construction Supply, identify ourselves as "Contractor Committed". Our commitment is centered on an understanding that our purpose for existence rests on effectively serving our customers' construction needs.

To provide such service, we continuously from our inception in 1980, have recognized the effectiveness achievable for the benefit of our customers by coupling product with people.

All these presented products have significant value added through representation by the Atlas Construction Supply employee team. Our people, with considerable product and function knowledge, are guided by a corporate directive to use their own best judgement with their focus on their customers at all times. This company was made to be advised, influenced, and directed by our customers... A Customer Company.