Atlastube Forms are made from multiple layers of high quality fibre, providing a strong, lightweight and easy to handle column form. The spiral wound and laminated Atlastube Form is a one-piece unit; there are no assembly costs and the form may be cut to fit any desired length.

Void Forms are also available to provide an economical method of forming voids in precast or cast-in-place concrete floor and roof slabs, bridge decks, beams and piles. Contact your nearest Atlas Construction Supply location for further information.

• Provides architectural concrete for all round columns.
• Gives a glassy smooth concrete finish.
• Can be left in place for full curing and protection until the job is finished.
• Eliminates the need for water and sand blasting in most cases.
• Forms up to 24” diameter will have one vertical seam; over 24” will have 2 seams.

Atlas Lined Tube is designed to hold full hydrostatic pressure of concrete in a single pour. Forms can be stripped any time after two days, or left on to protect columns from spills and other hazards of construction until the job is finished. Atlas Lined Tube combines the ease of handling, strength, and economics of one-piece paper tube column forms, with a polyliner that gives a smooth finish to the concrete, and finish that is sure to please the architect and owner. Atlas Lined Tubes are made to order and can be delivered within 5 working days. Sizes are from 6 to 48 inches in diameter, and in almost any lengths.


Sonoco Finish Free fibre form is lined with Duraglas coating that provides for a smooth concrete finish when forms are stripped. Duraglas will leave no spiral marks, seams or imperfections that would impact the finished surface of the concrete. Available in lengths up to 12 feet and interior diameters from 12 to 36 inches. Forms can be cut to length and drilled at the job site to meet specific project requirements.



MFG one-piece round column forms (RCFs) are economical, and produce a smooth concrete finish. Manufactured of fiberglass reinforced plastic, these forms will not dent, sag, rot or weather and require little or any maintenence. These forms have only one vertical seem and are available on a sale or rental basis. Diameters from 12 to 48 inches are available in one-piece lengths up to 20 feet.



Heavy Duty Steel Column forms develop an exceptionally smooth, hard surface free of voids and with a minimum number of indistinct seams. All standard diameters from 12” to 84” in 8’0, 4’0, and 1’0 lengths are available on a sale or rental basis.