Garage Beam Forms



The Symons Garage Beam System is a comprehensive design and equipment plan for post-tensioned concrete beam and slab parking structures. The system consists of long beam form assemblies, high-capacity leg supports, column and capital forms, and reusable deck panels. All Garage Beam components are quickly handled and moved with forklifts and dollies for maximum forming productivity and reduced labor costs.

Beam Forms

The beam forms feature long assemblies faced with 3/16” steel skin plate for strength, durability and excellent concrete finish. No tie system or added beam bracing is required.

Capital Forms

All-steel capital forms are designed specifically for typical exterior or “pass-through” interior locations. Forms are steel-faced for smooth concrete finish and include steel chamfer. Provisions for posttension cable penetrations are also included in the capital form design.

Deck Panels

Deck panels are field-fabricated with a template using wood “I” joists and HDO plywood allowing spans up to 22’-0” without center shoring. The HDO plywood deck panels produce a consistently smooth concrete finish and provide maximum reuse.


Atlas offers approaches for beam and slab post-tensioned parking structures where equipment can be cycled in applications ranging from totally handset to totally prefabricated. Another feature of this system is that deck joists are typically designed to clear span in structural bays of up to 21’ in width. This not only eliminates the labor-intensive activity of center-bay post shoring, but also streamlines the reshoring requirement with regard to both equipment and labor costs.